How to Choose the Cooling Tower for Your Water Chiller?

1. The Right Cooling Tower for Your Water Chiller

Are you still worried about choosing a suitable cooling tower for your chiller? SCY Chiller is here to help.

To find out how to choose a cooling water tower with sufficient cooling capacity, you should understand what circumstances require the use of a cooling tower.

2. What Kind of Chillers Need to Use a Cooling Tower

Air-cooled Chiller vs Water-cooled Chiller

  • No: Air-cooled chillers use a condenser that is similar to the “radiators” in a car. They use a fan to force air through the refrigerant coil. Unless they are specifically designed for high ambient conditions, air-cooled condensers need to operate effectively at an ambient temperature of 35°C (95°F) or less.
  • Yes: Water-cooled chillers function in the same way as air-cooled chillers but require two steps to complete the transfer of heat. First, heat enters the condenser water from the refrigerant vapor. The warm condenser water is then pumped to the cooling tower, where the heat from the process is eventually vented to the atmosphere.

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3. How Does a Cooling Tower Work?

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A cooling tower is a large heat exchanger unit that provides cooling water to remove heat from a coolant in your chiller. When the cooling water meets the air, a small portion evaporates, lowering its temperature. This is known as “evaporative cooling”.

The nozzles in the tower spray water on the inner surface to maximize contact with the air and increase the cooling effect. A cooling fan located in the tower helps the cooling process, while a drift eliminator removes the tiny droplets generated during evaporation of the airflow in the tower.

4. Common Pairings

Cooling Capacity
Cooling Tower
10 HP(31.9 kw)
15 T
20 HP(66.8 kw)
25 T
30 HP(95.2 kw)
40 T
40 HP(125.1 kw)
50 T
50 HP(155.3 kw)
60 T
60 HP(196 kw)
80 T
80 HP(260 kw)
100 T
100 HP(335 kw)
120 T

5. SCY Chiller Has Your Process Cooling Needs Covered

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