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What Is Glycol Chiller And Why Glycol Is Used For Cooling?

What Is Glycol Chiller And Why Glycol Is Used For Cooling

Why Glycol Is Used for Cooling? The most commonly used coolant in a chiller is water or a mixture of water and another substance with appropriate heat conduction properties – such as a glycol compound. Glycol-based coolants consist of either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. The main advantage of glycol coolants is anti-freeze properties. Pure…

How do Process Chillers work? 2 steps to know

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Process chillers for brewery, dairy, industrial, medical, and other applications help ensure your equipment stays cool during processing. How do they do that? In a nutshell, chillers work by delivering a continuous flow of refrigerant to the cold side of the evaporator at the desired temperature. A chiller then pumps the cooled fluid through the…

Choosing a Chiller for Your Application – 5 Things You Need to Know

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When choosing a chiller for an application, it is necessary to ensure the unit adequately sized to handle maximum process loads in worst-case site conditions. However, customers may fail to plan for these conditions and make sizing decisions based on the nominal conditions that are often presented in product brochures. This could lead to an…