Chiller Size Calculator

One of the most frequently asked about chiller specifications is how to determine sizing/tonnage. Properly sizing a chiller for your application can depend on a large number of variables. With over 10 years experience, SCYChiller can help you find the most suitable solution for your application.

There are also specific rules for low temperature(below 5°c) chiller sizing. Please feel free to contact us.

Fill in the boxes with the following three parameters to get the estimated chiller size you need for your application.

  • The flow rate
  • The incoming water temperature
  • The chilled water temperature you require

Chiller capacity calculation formula:

  • Calculate Temperature Differential = Incoming Water Temperature (°c) – Required Chilled Water Temperature
  • Calculate water flow rate that you need per hour(m³/hour)
  • Calculate tons of cooling capacity = Water Flow Rate x Temp. Differential ÷ 0.86 ÷ 3.517
  • Oversize the chiller by 20% Ideal Size in Tons = Tons x 1.2
  • You have the ideal size for your needs

For example, what size of chiller is required to cool 5m³ water from 25°c to 15 °c in 1 hour?

  • Temperature Differential = 25°c-15°c=10°c
  • Water Flow Rate = 5 m³/hour
  • Ton Capacity = 5 x 10 ÷ 0.86 ÷ 3.517 = 16.53 Tons
  • Oversize the chiller = 16.53 x 1.2 = 19.84 Tons
  • A 19.84 Tons chiller is required

Key Features

  • Chiller Cooling capacity: 1Ton to 1000Ton
  • Chiller Temperature control range from -40℃to 35℃
  • Hanbell/Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressor
  • Copeland/Panasonic hermetic scroll compressor
  • Air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller available
  • Chiller features energy and cost saving with a compact design
  • OEM/ODM service

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