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Double compressor large industrial chiller

Stationary Water Cooled Chiller

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Stationary Air Cooled Chiller

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Portable Air Cooled Chiller

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Portable Water Cooled Chiller

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Explosion Proof Chiller

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Low Temperature Chiller

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Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

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SCY ChillerIndustrial Cooling Machine Supplier

ShenChuangYi(SCY) Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in making water-cooled chillers, air-cooled chillers, industrial chillers, low-temperature chillers, etc. Our factory covers 23500 square meters.
Our main products include: Scroll water-cooled chillers, Air-cooled chillers(heat pump), Screw chillers, Low-temperature freezing chillers, Air-cooled freezing chillers, Heat-recycle chillers, Heat exchanger(condenser and evaporator), Water tower pump and other special refrigeration equipment. SCY has built a full quality control and management system under ISO9001 standard.
From raw material inspection, production inspection, and overall inspection control, all processes follow a strict guideline. In order to keep the first-class quality, we inspect every product before sending out and make regular market research with our clients’ help to improve the quality. With substantial support from all communities, we believe we can become better, stronger, and go further.

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“We started cooperate with SCY 3 years ago. It all happened magically! Factastic job all the way till now, they have great technical team and amazing service even there are mountains and seas between us! ”

Brooke Smith / Merida Manufacturing Director


by 1000+ Successful Cases

Key Features

  • Chiller cooling capacity: 1 Ton to 1000 Ton
  • Chiller temperature control range from -40℃to 35℃
  • Hanbell/Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressor
  • Copeland/Panasonic hermetic scroll compressor
  • Air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller available
  • Chiller features energy and cost saving with a compact design
  • OEM/ODM service

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