Chillers, also called industrial chiller units, chilled water plants or chilled water systems, are cooling equipment that produce chilled water (-40°C to +35°C) and are suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

SCY Chiller offers a variety of water chillers that suit a wide range of industries.

There are two different cooling media (air or water) that absorb the heat when the refrigerant changes from vapor to liquid. Therefore, chillers can use two different types, air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller.

  • Air-cooled chillers use a condenser that is similar to the “radiators” in a car. They use a fan to force air through the refrigerant coil. Unless they are specifically designed for high ambient conditions, air-cooled condensers need to operate effectively at an ambient temperature of 35°C (95°F) or less.
  • Water-cooled chillers function in the same way as air-cooled chillers, but require two steps to complete the transfer of heat. First, heat enters the condenser water from the refrigerant vapor. The warm condenser water is then pumped to the cooling tower, where the heat from the process is eventually vented to the atmosphere.

chiller fan Air-cooled Chiller Features

  • Air-cooled chillers absorb heat from process water, and the heat is then transferred to the air around the chiller unit.
  • Air-cooled chillers are more suitable for common applications in smaller or medium installations where space constraints may exist.
  • Air-cooled chillers are the most practical choice in places where water is scarce(such as desert areas).
  • Air-cooled chillers range in cooling capacity from small 0.5-ton capacity models to several hundred-ton models.
  • Since the wet surface transfers heat better than the dry surface, it consumes about 10% more electricity than a water-cooled chiller unit.

water cooled chiller 1 Water-cooled Chiller Features

  • Water-cooled chillers use a water-cooled condenser connected with a cooling tower.
  • Usually been used for medium and large installations that have a sufficient water supply.
  • Water-cooled chillers can produce a more constant performance for your application.
  • Water-cooled chillers range in cooling capacity from small 5-ton capacity models to several thousand-ton models.

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Key Features

  • Chiller cooling capacity: 1Ton to 1000Ton
  • Chiller temperature control range from -80℃ to 35℃
  • Hanbell/Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressor
  • Copeland/Panasonic hermetic scroll compressor
  • Air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller available
  • The chiller features energy and cost-saving with a compact design
  • OEM/ODM service

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