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Refrigeration System Top 10 Failures Check List! Do You Know How to Solve Them All?

Refrigeration system top ten failure list! Do you know how to solve them all

1. Liquid reflux Cause In the refrigeration system using expansion valves, liquid reflux is closely related to the wrong selection of expansion valves. Oversized expansion valve, too small heat protection setting, incorrect installation method of temperature-sensor or broken insulation package, may cause reflux phenomenon. For small refrigeration systems using capillary tubes, too much liquid addition…

Do You Know Why Chiller(Refrigeration Equipment) Should Be Vacuumed

chiller vacuum

Many newcomers to the field know that refrigeration systems need to be vacuumed, but what is the reason why they must be vacuumed?   “I don’t know, that’s what I heard”. “Mixing air inside the cooling system is not good for the system, right?” “The chiller system will consume more power”. “With air inside, it…