Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure the details first:1. What’s the flow rate needed?2. Inlet(T1) and outlet(T2) temperature need?Then we will calculate what’s the cooling capacity you need.Cooling Capacity(kw)= Flow Rate(m3/h)*Temp Change(T1-T2)/0.86

1 kcal/h = 1.163W, 1 W = 0.8598 kcal/h1 Btu/h = 0.2931W, 1 W = 3.412 Btu/h1 RT(Ton) = 3.517 kW, 1 kW = 0.28434 RT(Ton)

After making sure the cooling capacity, please inform us:1. What’s the power supply needed? Phase/Voltage/Frequency.2. What’s the refrigerant needed? R22/R407C/R410A/R134A and etc.3. All our chiller models can be customized as low-temperature and ex-proof types.

Water-cooled chiller needs a SEPERATE cooling tower and has a higher heat exchange efficiency.

Air-cooled chiller has no need for an extra cooling tower, but with lower heat exchange efficiency.

Check with our sales to see if we can customize it.

Yes, all our chillers come with a 1-year factory warranty against any defects.

Depending on what chiller model and if there’s customization, the lead time varies from 7 days to 30 days. Please check with our sales.

We support T/T, West Union, P/L, Alibaba Trade Assurance., etc.

Yes, the unit is fully packaged. It has a pump, water tank, fans(Air-cooled model), compressor, evaporator, and condenser. Also can come fully charged with refrigerant(Freon).

With proper installation and maintenance, no major issues. If there’s any and you cannot solve, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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