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Crafted to Perfection

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Stationary Water Cooled Chiller

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Stationary Air Cooled Chiller


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Portable Water Cooled Chiller

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Explosion Proof Chiller

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Budget-friendly Chillers for Non-stop Cooling

In search of a cost-effective solution to enhance your operations?

Experience trustworthy performance that propels you ahead with SCY Chiller’s rigorously-tested industrial chillers.

Our non-stop cooling guarantee ensures no expensive downtime or disturbances to your process, permitting your business to operate seamlessly and efficiently, without the hefty price tag.

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Our Chiller Factory, Your Advantage

At SCY Chiller, we understand that flexibility and performance are inseparable. This is why we provide a diverse selection of industrial chiller models and designs to cater to your business demands.

From compact portable chillers to heavy-duty central models, we’ve got the right chiller for you.

With adjustable options like cooling capacity, refrigerant types, and more, you can acquire the chiller that aligns with your precise specifications.

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Who we are

20+ Years Of Experiences

ShenChuangYi (SCY) Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is a top chiller provider in China. From our large 23,500 square meter base, we make various chillers, all meeting ISO9001 standards. We specialize in custom solutions, using market insights and community feedback to serve clients globally with efficient, tailored cooling options.

Guaranteed Quality Service

At SCY Chiller, you are our top priority. We deliver a full-range post-sales service, which includes upgrades, spare parts, and technical help for your chiller systems, ensuring they always function flawlessly. Count on us for exceptional customer care that ensures your chiller stays in prime condition, offering you peace of mind while cutting down on costs and time.

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Tailored Packaging and Seamless Shipping

Understanding the crucial role of effective packaging and shipping for used containers, Cbox pledges superior logistics services. We use top-tier packaging materials and rely on skilled personnel to promise the safe and smooth delivery of your containers. With Cbox, focus on your business’s growth, knowing every detail is in expert hands.

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Your Vision, SCY’s Creation

At SCY Chiller, we excel in understanding your unique requirements. Our expertise lies in crafting the perfect chiller solutions tailored precisely for your needs. Trust in our capability to deliver the most fitting solution every time.

Unrivaled Expertise and Quality


An Exceptional Experience with SCY Chiller’s Customized Chiller Solution

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I must say, the quality and reliability of the chillers from SCY Chiller have truly exceeded our expectations. The machines are robust, efficient, and exceptionally well-built. But what impresses me most is their after-sales service. The SCY team is always there to answer our queries and provide prompt solutions. They truly stand behind their products, and I highly recommend them to any company looking for high-performance cooling solutions


What type of chiller is best suited for my application?

The ideal chiller for your application depends on various factors including your cooling needs, the available space, and energy efficiency requirements. We offer both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers. Our experts can evaluate your specific needs to recommend the most suitable solution.

With proper maintenance, SCY Chillers are built to last for many years. The specific lifespan can vary based on the model and usage conditions. All our chillers come with a standard warranty, details of which can be provided upon request.

Absolutely! One of our strengths at SCY Chiller is our ability to provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s a particular capacity, size, or any other specification, our team can work with you to design a chiller that perfectly fits your requirements.

From order confirmation to delivery, it typically takes 3 to 6 weeks. This timeline includes manufacturing, quality checks, packaging, and shipment. Exact durations can vary based on chiller specifications and destination. For precise timelines tailored to your order, please contact our sales team.

We adhere to stringent quality control measures at every stage of our manufacturing process. This begins with the selection of high-grade raw materials, continues with state-of-the-art production techniques, and culminates with rigorous final product inspections. Moreover, our chillers are built in compliance with ISO9001 standards, ensuring they meet global benchmarks for quality and reliability. Each chiller is tested and certified by our team before dispatch, guaranteeing the utmost in performance and durability for our customers.


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