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At SCY Chiller, we tackle the tough jobs in low-temp chilling that others might skip. We’ve got the know-how for all the tricky parts of cooling things way down, like making sure fluids move right and pumps work well, even when it’s as cold as -120°C. Whether you need to chill chemicals or metal, we’ve got the tech and the smarts to get it done just right.

We stand out because we really get into the details of what you need before we suggest a chiller. We’re all about creating smart, custom chillers for even the trickiest cooling jobs.

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30HP seperate double loop low temperature industrial air-cooled chiller


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What Will You Get From Our

Low Temp Chiller?

Quality Accessories

Why Our Low Temp Chiller Stands Out

reciprocating compressor

Premium Brand Compressor

Our low-temperature chillers are equipped with industry-leading compressors(Panasonic, Bitzer, Hanbell, etc), guaranteeing extended durability and consistent performance, even in demanding conditions.

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Titanium Evaporator Excellence

Crafted for maximum resilience and efficiency, our chillers feature top-tier titanium evaporators designed to withstand corrosive environments while maintaining optimal heat exchange, ensuring your system runs smoothly and reliably.

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20A ss material corrosive-proof chiller front right-s

Stainless Steel Durability

Encased in robust stainless steel, our chillers not only exhibit an elegant exterior but also promise enduring protection against wear and tear, securing the longevity of your investment while maintaining a pristine appearance through years of service.

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water-cooled chiller pressure gauge

Siemens PLC Integration

Integrating the advanced Siemens control system, our chillers offer unmatched accuracy in temperature regulation and system diagnostics, ensuring optimal performance with user-friendly interfaces that stand at the forefront of chiller technology.

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Glycol Vs Brine

Selecting the right coolant for your low-temperature chiller is crucial for efficiency and reliability. Let’s see what are the commonly favored choices.

Ethylene Glycol vs. CaCl2

Why Choose Glycol

Glycol is a preferred cooling media in low-temperature chillers, utilized a water-glycol blend. Coolants made from ethylene or propylene glycol are chosen for their antifreeze capabilities. While water alone freezes at 0°C, a 30% solution of ethylene glycol has a much lower freezing point of -14°C, preventing system freeze-ups under cold conditions.

Why Choose Brine

Brine solutions surpass even glycol in freezing point depression, making them ideal for ultra low-temperature chilling needs. When salt is dissolved in water to create brine, the solution’s freezing point drops significantly lower than that of a standard glycol mixture, allowing for safe operation in more severe cold without freezing. Brine solutions offer enhanced heat transfer capabilities at an economical price point.


Your Premier Low-Temperature Chiller Supplier

Dedicated to meeting your specialized cooling needs, we invite you to connect with us for a personalized exploration of our low-temperature chiller solutions. If you’re contemplating our products or seeking expert advice, reach out for a no-obligation consultation. Let’s discuss how we can tailor a low-temperature chiller to your exact specifications.

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